Bing Santa Claus Trivia Quiz 2020 (April 2020)

Santa Claus Trivia Quiz – Very excited to celebrate Christmas this year? Have you prepared anything to welcome Christmas? Or have you ever thought about getting a present before Santa Claus gives it to you this year? If you have ever thought about receiving a gift before Christmas, of course you are a very smart person. Then, how to get a prize? Don’t be confused because we will give you an amazing idea to reach the goal.

Santa Claus Trivia Quiz

Now, if we are permitted to give you instructions on how to get presents before Christmas, surely we will give you advice to take some Bing quizzes about Santa and Christmas. As we know that Bing always gives you prizes and prizes if you are right in answering daily quizzes. Prizes can vary based on quizzes that you have taken. So, to get the dream of a prize, of course you have to practice to answer all questions correctly. Then, you can get the chance to get amazing prizes and prizes too.

Then, practicing to answer the Christmas quiz sample is really a must for you. Well, below, we share with you questions and answers that might appear in the quiz you take. This is it!

Santa Claus Trivia Quiz Question

  1. Which two deer did Santa first give?
    a. Blitzen and Dasher
    b. Dancers and Prancers
    c. Dasher and Dancer
    d. Donner and Blitzen
    The correct answer is D (Donner and Blitzen)
  2. Which of these is the name Santa Claus in Italian?
    a. Pere Noel
    b. Santa Claus
    c. Babbo Natale
    The correct answer is C (Babbo Natale)
  3. Why does Santa’s cheeks always turn red?
    a. The cold climate in the Arctic peels away the skin of Santa
    b. Santa gets out of shape and swinging the chimney is hard training
    c. He was filled with adrenaline because he had to send so many toys in one night
    The correct answer is A (Arctic cold climate peeling Santa’s skin)
  4. What is one interesting thing that you might find in the Santa belt?
    a. Grapple
    b. A Carabineer
    c. Both are correct
    The correct answer is C (Both are correct)
  5. Who helped Santa make all those present at the North Pole?
    a. Dwarfs
    b. Fairy
    c. Easter Bunny
    The correct answer is B (Elf)
  6. What is the potential of NASA’s discovery that can help drive Santa’s sled?
    a. High powered rocket
    b. Landing equipment on the moon for safe landing on the roof of the house
    c. Antimatter propulsion unit
    The correct answer is C (antimatter propulsion unit)
  7. In what century was St. Nicholas first mentioned?
    a. 4th century
    b. 8th century
    c. 3rd century
    d. 12th century
    The correct answer is A (4th Century)

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