Braindom 2 for PC, Windows and Mac (2021 Latest)

Braindom 2 for PC – Matchingham Games has developed this great games apps for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit/32-bit. Download Braindom 2 latest version free for Windows PC. This app is about puzzle games. You can now use the Windows, PC and Mac game. Braindom 2 is one of the most popular games apps worldwide!

Braindom 2 for PC

What is Braindom 2?

Games and jokes are going to stir you up and puzzle you. Wash your minds and puzzle games in your brain. Have you have what it takes for every level to beat? Who did it? Find out who is who, who lies, and who is the culprit! Who did it? Braindom 2 gives you this, the best think games and brain games, the top brain app with difficult puzzles.

Wash your brain with mind games to trick you, solve them in practice your brain! Riddles that twist and puzzle your thoughts hard: who’s who, who’s the father? These riddle games are intended for adults and young people of any age. You can solve the quiz games for testing your IQ? To continue the next level, crank up the riddles and trivia games! Be the champion of all smart games with your brain trained!

Thinking games don’t have anything to do with this tough free trivia mobile game! Brain games and games feature hidden clues in words, visuals and questions. IQ games which provide your brain workouts and get you out of the box thinking.

Crack out the puzzles and become a detective for hunting. Imaging puzzles need to solve an eagle’s eye. Braindom 2 is full of tricks and gets rid, mixed with logic puzzles, that you must fight to get to the next level. Solving these brain puzzle games gives you a great winning feeling while breaking every level!

Check out the way you think – solve your brain test, cute photo jigsaw puzzles and IQ games as you have fun. This game isn’t too complex, isn’t too easy, but it will present you with a challenge. The best riddles are your natural skills to solve problems and make you laugh at the levels.

Braindom 2 is different from most IQ games, brain games and riddle games, since it features a unique concept which allows the brain to work. Tricky puzzles and brain games will raise your IQ as it funny and ludically tricks and tests your thinking.

This brain game challenges you to learn about the riddle of your friends with difficult puzzles and simple tests. Hundreds of fun games, interactive games, tough puzzles, brain testing, IQ testing, and quiz games are provided by Braindom 2.

Braindom 2, the funniest in puzzle games and brain teaser games, offers a sense of good sense to you. Brain-ready at the best of intelligent games and puzzle games? In this 7 second riddles game, try this unlikely spiritual game and push it down each level.

This is an original, creative and unique game, developed not only for yourself but also for your brain to train. These free brainwash games you can play. In these thoughtful matches, what a wonderful brain test and brain-teasers!

It is made to be a riddles master with many brain teaser games, challenging puzzles, mind games, iq games, brain testing, puzzle games, riddles and clever fun games!



  • Brain teasers for adults of all ages and for young people!
  • Who’s who? Who’s who? Who did that? Who did it? In all these puzzle games you can succeed?
  • Hundreds of quizzes to solve Mind games
  • Solving mysteries! Find the hints and enjoy
  • You’re a riddle master to solve?


  • Training for brain thinking outside the box
  • Amazing games that blow out your brain
  • Brain testing which you or a friend of your IQ can test!
  • Think of solving these brain puzzles outside the box
  • The master of smart games Crack trivia questions
  • With this brain application, wash your brain!


  • Sleuthing Logic games!
  • Critical thinking required for the solution of the game through the search for hints
  • Just choose a few of possibilities, this or that!
  • Improve through thoughtful games

Braindom 2 for PC – Technical Details

Appname: Braindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles
Size: 174M
Update: October 21, 2021
Version: 1.3.3
Category: Word
Install: 10,000,000+

How to Download Braindom 2 for PC

  1. Download and install LDPlayer version 64bit on your desktop.
  2. Search for Braindom 2 and open LDPlayer to LD Store
  3. Install your emulator with the Braindom 2
  4. Start the app now. You can use Braindom 2 with LDPlayer on your PC after a few minutes

How to Install Braindom 2 for PC

  1. Download the installer and follow the MEmu installation instructions.
  2. Start MEmu, Google Play, on your PC.
  3. Search Braindom 2 in Google Play
  4. Download and Install Braindom 2
  5. To begin, click on the icon after the installation is over.
  6. Play Braindom 2 on your PC with MEmu.

In the field of comments regarding this application, please ask questions. Alternatively, you can tell us about your experience with this Braindom 2 on your PC. Also, if you know anyone else who would like to try Braindom 2 on Windows PC, you can forward this post to them. Braindom 2 for Windows PC is a fun application to use.

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