Bing Wonders of the World Quiz

Bing Wonders of the World Quiz – Bing has a homepage quiz and is very famous in the United States. Many people in the US like to play this quiz. Even many people are addicted to this quiz because they can get knowledge along with entertainment, and extraordinary rewards.

Bing Wonders of the World Quiz

If you get a World Wonder quiz, that means you have to update it. If you have good knowledge of World Wonders, you can answer the questions correctly and then get the prize. It’s fun to take this quiz. You can do this before you explore important things on the internet.

Bing Wonders of the World Quiz Question

Here, we have some sample quizzes about Wonders of the World. Study them so that you will know the form of questions about that.

  1. Which of these options is a list of World Wonders?
    a. Modern miracle
    b. Ancient Miracle
    c. Natural wonders
    d. All of the above
  2. Do you know the Great Pyramid of Egypt? That is part of the Wonder of the … World.
    a. Ancient
    b. New
    c. Natural
  3. There is a large pyramid left in Giza. How many are they in Giza, Egypt, today?
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
  4. Who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
    a. Solomon
    b. Abraham
    c. Nebuchadnezzar II
    The one who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was Nebuchadnezzar II, the grandson of the famous King Hammurabi, around 600 BC as a gift to his wife who missed her home, Amyitis.
  5. The Taj Mahal is also one of the wonders of the … World.
    a. New
    b. Modern
    c. Natural
  6. How many people can sit in the Roman Colosseum?
    a. 10.000
    b. 50.000
    c. 25.000
    The building with unique architecture in the style of the greatness of the Roman Empire is able to carry 50,000 people inside with the support of 80 entrances spread across the outside walls of the Colosseum.
  7. Which of these forms the Grand Canyon?
    a. water
    b. Wind
    c. Ice
    d. All of the above

If you haven’t joined this quiz yet, don’t be sad because there is no harm in checking your knowledge of how much you know the world. Bing made this quiz to find out how many people like to watch the news today. So, it can encourage people who don’t like to watch news to be able to watch or read news to be updated. Not all of the quizzes above can I explain one on one, only a few that I can explain. Look forward to the next quiz update. Thanks for visiting.

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