Bing Quiz Stonehenge (May 2020)

What do you know about Stonehenge? Are you interested in finding facts about Stonehenge? What makes you really want to find something about it? Of course, to find lots of facts about Stonehenge, the first thing you have to do is look for sources that explain Stonehenge.

Bing Quiz Stonehenge

Of course, for those of you who really want to know the facts about this exotic and futuristic historic building, it’s better for you to learn and discover the real facts too. But if you study it like in school, we think you will be bored finding it. Well, for the solution, we recommend that you take the knowledge quiz presented in a fun way.

One of the fun quizzes is Bing Quiz which allows you to solve 10 questions. Then, a Stonehenge quiz is also provided on Bing that you can answer for prizes. In addition, to follow Bing Quiz, you will automatically feel happy when looking for facts about something at once.

Here are some examples of quizzes about Stonehenge that you can find on

  1. How do you get bluestones from Wales to Stonehenge?
    a. Ancient engineers used rope, lever and wooden sled to do it.
    b. Ancient pilots have used giant wagons to carry stones to Stonehenge.
    c. Ancient sailors had placed giant stones on ships and used the Great Britain River Network to transport them to Stonehenge.
    The answer is A.
  2. How do Ancient Druids use Stonehenge?
    a. Ancient druid has nothing to do with Stonehenge
    b. Ancient Druids used Stonehenge as a place of worship
    c. The ancient Druids used Stonehenge as an astronomical observatory
    The answer is A.
  3. As we know well that Stonehenge is one of the most futuristic prehistoric monuments in Europe. Then, where exactly is Stonehenge?
    a. Wales
    b. English
    c. Scotland
    The answer is B
  4. What does it mean for “Stonehenge’s Bluestones”?
    a. The biggest stone in Stonehenge.
    b. Stones are dug up and transported to Stonehenge from afar.
    c. Stone that was originally painted bright blue with pigment marks still visible.
    The answer is B.
  5. What does “Stonehenge’s sarsen” mean?
    a. Concentric stone circle Stonehenge.
    b. That means fine and small stones are used as offerings at Stonehenge.
    c. This is a large sandstone block that was dug locally.
    The answer is C.

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That is an example for the Stonehenge quiz that you can find on Bing. In general, you will find Bing quizzes with 10 questions. But, on this occasion, we only shared half of it. So, your job is to look for quizzes about Stonehenge at other sources from the internet. If you have questions or suggestions let us know in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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