Bing Oscars Quiz

Bing Oscars Quiz – How do you define a good film? Could it be defined as the one that makes you cry the most or the one that has the best photography? Maybe if the film makes the heart beat fast, then the film is considered as something artistic. The truth is that every movie has something special to show.

Films such as “Black Panther” show something amazing to look at: makeup, cinematography, etc.

Bing Oscar Quiz

We also have movies like “La la land” whose music and stories make us feel love, sadness and happiness at the same time. However, every film is different. But if they have something spectacular to give, to show, something to teach us or if they have a story that can change our perspective on how we see some aspects of our lives. Then, these films should get an Oscar award.

The Academy Award (Oscar) awards films that are considered the best each year in categories such as best cinematography, best original song, best actor and actress, and clearly the best film of the year, among others. But how much do you know about Oscar? Are you really a movie fan? Well, let’s see if you can correctly answer the following quiz!

  1. Joaquin Phoenix earned a Best Actor nomination for the role of Villain?
    a. Dr. Doom
    b. Loki
    c. Joker
  2. Which artist can become the second black woman to win Best Actress?
    a. Halle Berry
    b. Lupita Nyong’o
    c. Cynthia Erivo
  3. Which Best Film Challenger is also competing for Best International Feature Film?
    a. Jojo Rabbit
    b. Parasite
    c. 1917
  4. Which filmmaker is not among the five Best Director nominations?
    a. Martin Scorsese
    b. Greta Gerwig
    c. Todd Phillips
  5. Which songwriter was nominated for Best Original Song to feature a song in the biopic about him?
    a. Freddie Mercury
    b. Billy Joel
    c. Elton John
  6. Which player was nominated for two acting Oscars?
    a. Margot Robbie
    b. Adam Driver
    c. Scarlett Johansson
  7. What unusual trait of the ‘1917’ Best Film nomination earned him a Best Cinematography nomination as well?
    a. Filmed in night vision
    b. Appears as a continuous shot
    c. Shot with an antique camera
  8. The conclusion of a mega-blockbuster series ready for Best Visual Effects?
    a. Star Wars
    b. Avengers
    c. Both are correct
  9. Which of the following films was not nominated for Best Animated Film?
    a. Klaus
    b. The Lion King
    c. Missing Link
  10. Which retired star is ready for Best Supporting Actor?
    a. Joe Pesci
    b. Gene Hackman
    c. Randy Quaid

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That’s all the article on Bing Oscar Quiz. Hopefully this article can add to your insight about the Oscar awards.

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