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Bing Garden Quiz – There is still plenty to do in the garden in spring, summer and fall. There are maintenance and preparatory activities to take care of, even in winter, so you may have no time to relax by the fireplace. With my multiple-choice gardening knowledge trivia game, why not take the time to have fun and put your general gardening knowledge to the test?

Bing Garden Quiz

Bing Gardening Quiz Questions

This is a sample question from the garden. If you like parks then you can certainly do the following questions correctly:

  1. Snails and slugs are ….
    a. Molluscs
    b. Arachnid
    c. Insect
  2. Western Brassicas include Brussels Sprouts and ….
    a. Romaine
    b. Radish
    c. Cauliflower
  3. Cactus is ….
    a. It’s hard to grow
    b. Always prickly
    c. Sometimes succulents
  4. Alpines is a good plant for a ….
    a. Terrarium
    b. Rock garden
    c. Topiary
  5. Allium is ….
    a. Potatoes and tubers
    b. Nightshades
    c. Onions and garlic
  6. When you prune yucca, you have to do it ….
    a. Protect your hands and eyes
    b. Use a machete
    c. Put on a swimsuit
  7. Plant Allium in ….
    a. Early Spring
    b. Late autumn
    c. Middle of summer
  8. Which of these people are well-known organic gardeners?
    a. Bob Flowerdew
    b. Anthony Bahargul
    c. Bob Ross
  9. Small Japanese oranges are called a ….
    a. Kumquat
    b. Tangerine
    c. Naranja
  10. Uncontrolled Japanese Bamboo ….
    a. Could get you into trouble with laws in the United States
    b. Make a nice fence
    c. Acceptable in the wild
  11. Goldfish that are most often kept in garden ponds are ….
    a. Black Moor
    b. Comet
    c. Koi
  12. This evergreen tree makes for a tall, bushy hedge ….
    a. Yucca Nana
    b. Leyland Cypress
    c. Castor Bush
  13. Insects and hummingbirds drinking … flowers.
    a. Nectar
    b. Honey
    c. Dew
  14. An ancient name for tomato is ….
    a. Love apple
    b. Ackee fruit
    c. Red ruby
  15. Protect your plants from frost with ….
    a. Netting
    b. Plastic
    c. Cloche

Perhaps that’s just an example of a Bing Garden quiz question. I hope this article will contribute to your understanding of gardening and can be helpful to you. Please write in the comments column if you have concerns and we will assist you immediately.

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