Bing Friday News Quiz (April 2020)

Bing Friday News Quiz – When you have a job that makes you need to access the internet, it’s better for you to take a small quiz before exploring the internet. You can access and then find a home quiz to test your knowledge and then find out what your knowledge is good.

Bing Friday News Quiz

Bing’s house quiz questions will be related to images of the day found on Bing’s homepage. Quiz questions will appear if you hover over the homepage. Then, you will find the Q icon with questions. If you can answer the questions given, the three question quiz will not be launched at the top of the search results page for any correct answers. Then, the quiz interface will give you a list of correct answers, more about the topic and options for answering the next question.

In addition to this daily homepage quiz, Bing also has a weekly news and trend quiz posted on Friday. You can find it on the Popular Now carousel which runs at the bottom of the veranda. If you are a Bing user who is also a member of Bing awards, you will be able to get credit by taking this quiz, and the quiz scores can be shared on social sites.

Kristen Kennedy, senior editor and Vinay Krishna, senior program manager said that they want Bing’s homepage to be a source of inspiration for millions of people and can also be an entry point for learning more about the world. In addition, they say that they are betting on the quiz format as a means to encourage deeper exploration and accidental discovery.

Have you taken the Bing Friday News Quiz? If you have never picked it up, here we have a few sample questions.

Bing Friday Quiz Question

  1. Why is a former employee sued by Robert De Niro’s production company?
    a. Late
    b. Watch Netflix at work
    c. Talk ‘with Mr. De Niro
  2. Which movie star is the new bride this week?
    a. Scarlett Johansson
    b. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
    c. Idris Elba
  3. Speaking of plastic, which country is getting ready to ban plastic bags?
    a. USA
    b. Germany
    c. Mexico
  4. What happens after two English triathletes join hands at the finish line?
    a. Coins are reversed
    b. They are disqualified
    c. They both win
  5. Which singer surprised Superfan’s father backstage during the concert?
    a. Mick Jagger
    b. Janet Jackson
    c. Lana Del Rey
  6. Coca Cola said what form of Dasani will it begin to pack?
    a. Cardboard
    b. Aluminum
    c. Glass
  7. Who helped rescue a man who had a stroke on the phone?
    a. Cable company representative
    b. Lawyer
    c. Robo Caller

If you always follow the culture, entertainment, technology, and other news categories every day, this quiz can be answered correctly by you. This quiz can also be a tool for you to test how well you remember popular news of the week. Share your best score after playing Bing Quiz. Thanks for visiting.

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