Bing Back to School Quiz (2020)

Bing Back to School Quiz – Many people like to take quizzes including students. If you are a student and now want to take back the school quiz on Bing, you can do it. If you take this quiz, you can refresh your knowledge. So, instead of doing nothing while on vacation, it is advisable to take this quiz.

Bing Back to School Quiz

When you access Bing’s site, you can find a quiz in three lines which you can find near the Enter button. So, click on the three lines and then a menu will appear there including Settings, Search History, My Saves, My Places, Entertainment and Games, Feedback and several other menus. Because you want to take part in quizzes and these activities are fun, you should choose Entertainment & Games. When you click on it, you will be able to see many options such as Sliding Tiles, Crossword, Chess, Sudoku, Matching Cards, Jigsaw, Home quiz, Surprise me, Celebrity quiz, News quiz, Geography quiz, and many more choices.

The Bing Back to School (B2S) Quiz is actually the same as the Bing Education Quiz. This quiz will test you about school intelligence. The fun of this quiz is you will get fun facts in each question. The best part of this quiz is that you can get 10 Microsoft Prize Points. With these points, you can redeem it with many prizes such as sweepstakes, gift cards and more. This quiz consists of 10 questions. Whatever your ranking, you’ll win 10 reward points for Microsoft. To claim points, you must have a Microsoft Account, and log in to the account when taking the quiz.

Bing back to School (B2S) Quiz Question

When we took the quiz, we got some interesting questions. We also get more information and fun facts in each question. Below are examples of quiz questions:

  1. Which country is the US K-12 public education system inspired by?
    a. Russia
    b. Mexico
    c. France
  2. Which writer is attended by one writer?
    a. Joyce Carol Oates
    b. Margaret Atwood
    c. Joan Didion
  3. What color name is used on most school buses?
    a. Electric Banana
    b. Sunshine No. 5
    c. National school bus is shiny yellow
  4. Modern pencils are made of ‘tin’ but what material is in them?
    a. Graphite
    b. Lime
    c. Charcoal
  5. Which playground game was first documented in 17th century England?
    a. Hopscotch
    b. Dodgeball
    c. Tether Ball
  6. In 1990 there was a Children’s Television Act, what was its purpose?
    a. Ban all cartoons
    b. Add educational programming
    c. Improve ranking
  7. Which cartoon character first appeared in a lunch box?
    a. Felix the Cat
    b. Snoopy
    c. Mickey Mouse

Let’s say you take a Geography quiz because you want to remember geography. So, you can click on the Geography quiz and then you will be given more options such as Europe, Agricultural Geology, Asia, Africa, General, Landmark, Australia, United States, North America, and World Cities.

Let’s say you choose Landmark, some sample questions are:

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  1. Hagia Sophia is a popular landmark. Do you know where that is?
    a. Bulgaria
    b. Syria
    c. Turkey
  2. In Washington DC, James Hosban designed something. What is that?
    a. Pentagon
    b. The Capitol
    c. White House
  3. Brnik is one of the airports. Where is it?
    a. Riga
    b. Kiev
    c. Ljubljana
  4. Fort Sumter is a famous landmark. In which U.S. state?
    a. Southern carolina
    b. Georgia
    c. Virginia

What do you think about these questions? Is that easy or difficult? Each of you might be different. Some of you might think it’s easy but some of you might think it’s hard to answer. To prove whether it’s difficult or easy, you can access Bing now and take the quiz.

If you have questions, please let us know in the comments column. Share your grades so your friends can take this quiz. Thanks for visiting.

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